Doug Dickenson

America! What Happened?

Most of the people leading the United States of America graduated from the best colleges and universities, and you’d think they’d be willing and capable of making wise decisions.
But most of our founding fathers didn’t attend Harvard, Yale or any other institution of higher learning; they made decisions that created the greatest nation on earth using common sense, good judgment and perhaps a little help from God. Abraham Lincoln learned to read from the Bible.
We need that kind of leadership today, but most politicians refuse to call on the wisdom of God when making their decisions, neither do they consult the people that elected them that they are supposed to represent.
If we are going to get our country back on the right track we have to get more involved and start holding them accountable when they make bad decisions; and we have to evaluate our own decisions that affect the country, start making changes that will help bring our country back to what the founding fathers visualized.
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