Mahesh Abhyankar


A parable about human resilience and ultimately emerging as a winner with a Zeal.
Beautifully crafted short stories about real-life psychological issues that will inspire many to transform their situation.
'EmoZeal, Saga of Emotional Lockdown' is a book (fiction) about the experiential journeys of real people, trying to manoeuvre their way through a catastrophic, yet catalytic situation during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Each story depicts real-life emotional issues and coping mechanisms that can inspire millions across the globe.
There is hope and despair, love and break-ups, serenity and anxiety. Yet there is a ray of hope and awareness that transforms lives.
We all have a journey to take. This book is a companion in the emotional turbulences faced by us in life. It reveals tales about the characters, each one vulnerable and yet resilient in their own ways. They face adversity, fall at times but ultimately emerge as a winner with a Zeal.
228 printed pages
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