Bronze Age Pervert,Faisal Marzipan

Ending Bigly

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“Trump is America's Caesar; who will be Virgil? Will I be the American Virgil? Which of the myths I've made will become part of the very fabric of America the Empire? HOW WILL TRUMP END?”
Donald Trump. Whether you love him or loathe him, there's no denying that Trump's presidency has profoundly changed America-and the world-in every conceivable way. But Trump's term in office, like all things, will eventually be over. Will he retire quietly? Go out in a blaze of glory? Get a second term? How will Trump end?
Ending Bigly: The Many Fates of Donald Trump is a literary anthology that attempts to answer that question. Edited by Canadian author Bill Marchant and featuring over two dozen short stories, poems, essays, and more, Ending Bigly is a comedic and incisive work that offers a glimpse at the post-Trump future. The book includes contributions from some of the finest literary minds of our age, including Bronze Age Pervert, Nick B. Steves, Gio Penn, Faisal Marzipan, Mencius Moldbugman, and many others.
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