Samuel Greco

Tears in Silence

This book is a wonderful love story, with some tragedies to make it very interesting, about a young couple in Wyoming. Their love and their loss was really the story of the book. It has Christmas, Thanksgiving, love, and passion. It would be best if you read the book. You will love it.

I was born in June of 1930 during the Great Depression. I was delivered by my father. I have four sisters. I am the youngest in the family. I grew up in a rental duplex in Toledo, Ohio. Things were pretty tough. My dad had to work for $0.25 an hour as a mechanic.He would sometimes work twelve hours a day, but he made enough to keep the food on the table for all. We're all very appreciative of what my father had done and how Mom made the clothing and the food and made sure the food was always on the table. But the most important thing in the evening was that we would sit around and Mom would tell us stories about growing up back in early 1900. She talked about how tough it was. She told stories about wagon trains and told us about people that she knew just to fill in our imagination. We had no TV and radio. We got our first radio in 1936, an old Zenith radio. It cost my dad two dollars. It sat on the table, and he had to string a wire for an antenna. That was the first time I ever heard of the Lone Ranger; it was fantastic. It gave me a great imagination about the old West. I then fell in love with the West and the heritage there. I graduated in a small school in 1948, and then I was married in 1950. I had three children-a daughter and two sons. They loved to listen to Dad's stories also. But I always liked to write stories and tell them to my nieces and nephews. They loved the stories, so I started to write; but I never had a publisher, so I just kept it to myself. For many years, I worked as a carpenter and electrician. After many years, I started a development company. I did that for twenty-two years; then I got injured and I had to give it up. Now that I am eighty-five years old, I have looked at my old stories and started to write again. I called this wonderful publishing company about publishing my stories, and they are doing a wonderful job. I just pray that everyone will enjoy these stories that I have written with great love. If I could have given you my complete biography, it would be a really large manuscript. But for now, if you read my stories, I hope you enjoy them the way my nieces and nephews did. Read the stories and enjoy!

50 printed pages
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