William H Christ Jr.

Elop's Story

This book is a fictional story for young elementary readers interested in art and history.

Elop is a curious young boy. He and his family are part of a nomadic clan. They live during the last Ice Age in Europe, more than ten thousand years ago. His parents and family members are hunters and gatherers. They move around their frozen landscapes, seeking food, clothing, and shelter.

Elop and his other young friends find a cave. The clan decides to move there. They have fire, stone tools, and weapons. Elop discovers that a charcoal stick from the fire pit can make black marks on the cave's wall.

This simple discovery opens a world of creativity and picture-making for Elop. His artwork is approved by the clan, and with his father's help, more pictures are made. His paintings do survive deep within the caves of Southern France and elsewhere around the world through our modern era.
21 printed pages
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