He Is Mighty to Save, Vardell Taylor
Vardell Taylor

He Is Mighty to Save

Here is the good news of the gospel: Not only can our broken hearts be healed, but they can be turned to joy. My broken heart was turned to joy by Jesus Christ. And my desire to share that discovery has been my main motivation for writing this book. I had never been taught that my decision to follow Christ would actually lead to feeling worthless and fallen. I had never heard that feeling discouraged was normal–even beneficial, and just another temporary step in my progression. I believe there are many Church members who are now inactive simply because they tried and failed, and were not forewarned to expect failure—mistaking initial failure as a sign of eternal failure. To those who have thought, “I know the gospel is a good thing, and great for those who can do it, but apparently it’s not for me–I am just too sinful and weak.” Those people are exactly who the good news is for.
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