Buck Starr

Two Bucks

NO LONGER able to stomach his arrogant boss, Buck quits the Granite City PD and accepts an offer tendered by his old friend to join the state police. Thinking he was taking a job as a plain clothes detective, he arrives the first day and learns he is now in charge of an entire plain clothes division for the state police. The last crime he'd dealt with at the PD coincidentally becomes his first case with the state police. He quickly forms a multi-agency task force, reuniting with his old partner from GCPD. Together they grind through a puzzling investigation, following leads and using some unorthodox techniques. In the midst of the investigation, Buck is distracted by some old cases that come back to haunt him, landing him in a court battle for his integrity. Suddenly, his first case seems to be spelling the end of his career.
277 printed pages
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