Ginelle Wynter

Amari's Book Report

Amari Stephens can't wait to start his next school project! It's not every day that he's excited about homework, but for THIS book report, he'll gather stories from the lives of his closest family members to create his OWN book.
Come along with Amari as he learns these adventurous new tales. From sailing across the world, to singing at a world-famous museum, and exploring a South American town developed and defended for centuries by former African slaves. This school project will be one that Amari never forgets.
And when Amari's story ends, you'll have a chance to gather your family's stories too! On the final pages of this book, there are questions that YOU can ask YOUR relatives, and space to illustrate those memories too. So, grab a pencil, find a comfy spot, and get ready to record your family's history!
Family.         Culture.        Pride.
Celebrate oral tradition as a young boy gathers tales from the storytellers in his family. Amari's Book Report was written to encourage children from diverse cultures to take pride in the rich and varied background of their family's history.
21 printed pages
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