Amalendu Chakrabarti,Samiran Bandopadhyay

Buffalo Medicine

Livestock sector has become a true alternative to Agricultural sector due to rapid urbanization and population explosion. Cultivable land is diminishing day by day. Farmer therefore, has to depend exclusively on their livestock. Livestock is considered as a reserve capital. Of the livestock, buffalo is playing very crucial role not only in India but also in South East Asian Countries. Buffalo posses the distinct capacity in terms of milk and meat production. Like all other livestock, buffalo is also prone to various infectious and contagious diseases. In order to give an overview on various pathogenic infectious diseases this book has been written since no such book of this kind is available in the Indian market so to say in neighbouring countries. All the prevalent bacterial, viral, parasitic and other infectious and deficiency diseases have been dealt in a manner to act as ready reckoner to those who are directly or indirectly dependent on buffalo production. This book will serve the interest of the UG, PG & PhD students and also various research workers who are doing research on buffalos. The contents of the book will give a definite answer to those devastating problems seen in Buffalo. Veterinary practitioners dealing with buffalo diseases will definitely be benefited from it. Every library should keep a copy of this book since no such book is available on the same title.
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