Hugh Robertson

Traitors' Games

“Suspicions mount as Secret Service reports reveal ever more damaging information about the Duke of Windsor and his bride…”

Traitors’ Games – Volume Two in the saga The Fools’Crowns – continues to weave fact and fiction leading up to the wedding of the Duke of Windsor to Wallis Simpson and the events that followed. Whilst he is in Austria and she is in the South of France waiting for her divorce to be finalised, rival governments and factions strive to exploit or control the couple.

They marry in a fairytale castle in France,snubbed by his family and friends. The castle’s owner is Charles Bedaux – a sinister multi-millionaire admirer of the Nazi ideal and member of the powerful international group of industrialists, bankers, and politicians known informally as ‘The Fraternity’, who aspire to a New World Order. The Fraternity sees the Third Reich as the blueprint for their ideal and the Duke and Duchess as its titular heads.

The behaviour of the Duke and Duchess causes mounting concern to British and American security services as they strive to achieve the status and influence that the Duke abandoned by abdicating.

At loggerheads with his family in Britain, are the Duke’s ambitions merely focused naively on status and that of his wife in particular? Or is there a more sinister agenda – has he become a traitor?

436 printed pages


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