Ray Songtree

A Single Guy's Guide to Predatory Women (Vol. 1, Lipstick and War Crimes Series)

Vol. 1 of the Lipstick and War Crimes Series, male student edition is called A Single Guy's Guide to Predatory Women, and is the mirror edition of A Thinking Girl's Guide to Sexual Identity. This edition is the opposite of mysogynist, and calls for a return to respect of the natural feminine. The series calls on young people to discover their true make up in order to create a positive future, which older people are often too asleep to realize is in jeapordy.  In Vol. 1 we enter the mind boggling world of gender sculpting and why this social engineering has been pushed on all young people globally. We start to discover who initiated this program, which is historically outlined in Vol. 2 of series. We follow the money. In Vol. 1 we meet the female icons of last 50 years and how they were used to warp girl's behavior today, and why finding a good relationship is now like walking through a mine field. Vol. 1 will explain why a dysfunctional social context surrounds young people today and begins to point toward the correction of this distortion.
330 printed pages
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