Bryan Crosson

The Lonesome Thread

The importance of solitude — voluntary or otherwise — is always a timely subject. It is the hallmark of some of the world's greatest minds who have gifted us with art, music, and culture. 

The Lonesome Thread: Reflections of Solitude, Boredom, & Creativity is a collection of stories gathered from history and around the globe. The book is broken into three sections:

Time and Space contains stories about leaders, entrepreneurs, and warriors who have withdrawn from society, walked the world alone, and successfully returned transformed. From tech founders to medieval knights, circumnavigate the world of solitude.Tools and Reflections includes personal anecdotes that provide tactics and techniques to shape your mindset and rediscover your personal interests and goals. Can boredom make us more creative? How can we increase the value of our time? Does skydiving relate to mindfulness?Creation and Gratitude contains inspiring stories of people who use their time unplugged from society as a means to recharge and reenergize themselves to be better stewards of the human race. Learn about the mindsets of Ironman athletes and veteran poets. 

The Lonesome Thread is for those who have a curiousity to learn more about themselves. It is for anyone with a pile of unfinished projects or incomplete goals and a desire to create more time for creativity and self-fulfillment. Are you ready to dive in?
179 printed pages
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