Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon to be on Fire, Liza Monroy
Liza Monroy

Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon to be on Fire

264 printed pages
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Liza Monroy’s new book is collection of deeply personal essays that tackle the universal themes of romantic and familial love, fate and chance, all told in a humorous and intelligent manner that keeps the reader yearning for more. Created in the wake of Liza's popular essays– including her piece for the Modern Love column in the New York TimesSeeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire chronicles Liza's many misadventures in her quest for love. These misadventures span a variety of countries and a variety of men, all bound together under the watchful eye of her eccentric, single mother, a profiler for the U.S. State Department, who is soon using her professional aptitude to weed out the men in her daughter’s path.Filled with quirky details and archetypal characters from our everyday lives, with stories that are both wildly hilarious and deeply heartfelt, Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire is both a vulnerably open testament to Liza's personal experiences and an intriguing work that confronts the odds of finding love and intimacy in the increasingly depersonalized world of technology.
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ничего экстраординарного, но жизненно и живо, увлекательно и забавно, а временами - больно и грустно. в общем, хорошо!

Anastasiya Mozgovaya
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Nothing is a bigger burden on children than the unlived life of the parent.

—Carl Jung
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