Akili Carter

Heir To The Throne

What have you learned about yourself in the last 11 years? Love, work, and money have all drastically changed for me. More importantly both my parents died and my world was rocked. “Heir to The Throne”, is a synopsis of my life and the world over this time. How would you define the world even in 2020? This is my 10th collection of poetry and in many ways the hardest to write. This is a journey of many feelings and emotions that we all have had, and I invite you on this trip.

No Love in the heart of the city

I didn't believe in you before
I don't have faith now Millions of words written since I started
All of them in the defense of ideals you don't care about
People you claim to care about
But don't really care about
The center of your heart is cold
And devoid of Love
43 printed pages
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