Srilekhya Grandhi


About the Author: This book deals with all the emotional struggles a teenager is facing, or a person has faced at any part of the life, which is still going, this is not to judge, or suggest but this is to convey how precious you are, how hard you have faced, and how strong you are standing.

About the Book: My name is srilekhya, and I am 18 this is my first book, I believe in the sentence, it's not a matter of pages but its the depth about words.
I don't even know what should I write in the author's biography, because I feel I am not that so experienced to write my biography, but as for formality, let me introduce myself to you.
I am srilekhya as I mentioned earlier, generally, people call me sree, I love to explore, travel, write, and many more. I love everything that I do.
I just want to present myself in a simple and casual manner.
I hope you will enjoy. And please forgive my mistakes, feel free to mail me.
14 printed pages
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