Neophytos L. Papaneophytou

Strong As A Lion, Big As A Tree

Dr. Neo has done it again with Strong as a Lion, Big as a Tree! In this uplifting story, the reader follows a child on a journey through a day experiencing nature at its most compelling. The child and the reader see beauty and strength in the animals, trees and flowers, feeling a sense of connectedness that is both uplifting and empowering. Perfect for children and parents alike, and a wonderful addition to the classroom. This story is a great conversation starter to help children explore their own inner strengths.

Jennifer Brown Guiney, M.S., CEIM, IMH-E (II)
Director, The Center for Infant & Family Resources, LLC
Author of “Read to Me and I' ll Teach You About: My Baby States”
Infant Family Support Specialist
The Center for Connection, Healing & Change, LLC
42 printed pages
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