Adeola Oyekola

Good Pedigree (Bibi Ire)

“Every child that comes from a proper home gets morning blessings from their parents. This is a tradition. It ensures you do well in life. A wise child should cherish a parent's prayer.”

Iye has everything a good village girl should want — a respectable family, a boyfriend who wants to marry her. But why isn't she happy? Why does she want more?

When her traditional father catches her in public with her boyfriend, she realizes what she truly wants. And it is not the village life.

Independence, education, a career…  Her dreams.

Iye is accepted to university, in Lagos — a world away from everything she knows. She quickly learns how exhilarating, but also frightening, the city can be. Struggling to be herself, she has to choose who her friends are before it is too late.

Family revelations and personal disaster threaten everything Iye has worked for. Will she succumb to the jealousy and materialism claiming so many around her? Or will she prove to herself that her dreams are worth fighting for?

237 printed pages
Original publication



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