Dana Bennett

Relevant Revelation

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Relevant Revelation explores themes such as covenant, brothers in conflict, the younger brother being favored by God, changed hearts, barren women who are healed (and the one who is not), and the humble raised high. Relevant Revelation shows how the Bible follows the history of Israel by mirroring the developmental stages of a human, beginning with conception, then birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood, death, and finally, the afterlife. Understanding the development of these themes will change the way you read and study the Bible. Any one of these themes point to purposeful, cohesive authorship throughout the Bible. Relevant Revelation seeks to show that God is the one Author of the Bible with seven themes as support. The fact that all these themes culminate in Christ demonstrates that the New Testament finishes what the Old Testament starts. Christ is the Messiah sent by God and expected by his people.

When we see connections between books written by over forty people over three thousand years, the reader is challenged to see the Bible and its stories as one continuous story. When we understand God's word as a cohesive unit, the people and events of Israel's history can be placed and logically understood in the context of God's great purpose and plan of redeeming the world through a Savior.
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