Into The Lions' Den, Stephen Francis
Stephen Francis

Into The Lions' Den

Summer 1942, and Bletchley Park's code-breakers decipher a Top Secret German communique revealing the true intention behind Operation Barbarossa and the invasion of Russa.
Realizing that he cannot win the war by conventional means, and in a last-ditch attempt to reignite his Reich's stalled atomic bomb program, Hitler has embedded and elite squad of Waffen SS within the Wehrmacht's 6th Army — their objective: the capture of a gifted Soviet physicist, Anatoly Yermakov.
Fighting for their survival, and with everything to lose, the British War Office throws operative Daniel Miller into the hellish lions' den of Stalingrad — his mission: execute Yermakov before the Germans can get to him.
As Daniel hopscotches across an ever-fragmenting urban frontline, his superiors in Whitehall pray he'll succeed, but secretly fear he'll fail…
349 printed pages
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