The Mind Brain and the Supernatural, Ezekiel Adetunji
Ezekiel Adetunji

The Mind Brain and the Supernatural

123 printed pages
This book is a bold attempt to resolve the problem of MIND-BODY redefined here as The MIND-BRAIN problem on one hand; and its relationship with the supernatural on the other using an holistic approach.It links the brain with all the observed higher mental functions like creativity,the subconscious mental process,Extra sensory perceptions,sleep and dreams and others.If you have ever tried to answer the question ;Is the mind the same as the brain Does the brain posses higher dimensional perception popularly regarded as Extra Sensory perception or psi phenomena What is the link between premonition creative insights and other higher mental functions And several other questions. Most importantly it links the scientific findings on brain function with the phenomena of extrasensory perceptions and showing conclusively that the faculty for such perception is universal, tries to answer why those abilities are not experienced by all and bringing God into the picture as the ultimate source.
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