Indian Leader Trail Boss, Clark Selby
Clark Selby

Indian Leader Trail Boss

INDIAN LEADER TRAIL BOSS is the story of a trail drive led by Texas’ most famous trail boss, due to never losing a herd or a man on a drive.
Indian Leader was contacted to lead 3,000 head of Longhorns from the Star Ranch, to Dodge City. He agrees to take the job when he finds the owner killed by rustlers and his daughter Serene, desperate to get her cattle to market to pay off a loan when her bank threatens to foreclose on her ranch.
They have all the normal problems of a trail drive; too many miles; too many rivers to cross as Indian has people trying to kill him for killing their brother.
Indian and Serene find they are falling in love during the trip while a neighboring rancher, Kent Eagle, is determined to do anything he can to take over Serene’s ranch.
Indian’s problems grow with every mile: getting the cattle to market; staying alive while people are trying to kill him; selling the herd; pay off the bank loan, and keep Serene.
237 printed pages
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