Donna Ledbetter

Graduate School for Working Adults

Are you ready to go back to school?

Do you have what it takes to study while working on the job?

Is your family prepared for the time and sacrifice that THEY will have to make for YOU?

Have you gotten support from your friends?

Will you tell your employer that you're going to back to school?

Too often unsuspecting adults decide to apply to graduate school without thinking about these and other questions. Whether it's graduate school for nursing, psychology, or business, you invest months selecting the right school by scouring graduate school rankings. You take hours to perfect your graduate school admissions essay and personal statement. You study for who knows how long, maybe years, to ace graduate school exams, like the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, and GATE. You search for scholarships, grants, and loans. Yet, when it comes to thinking about how to prepare for graduate school in other ways, you're at a loss.

It doesn't have to be that way. “Graduate School for Working Adults” gives you the graduate school advice you need to have tough conversations and think about the things you never thought would matter as you make your decision to go back to school.

“Graduate School for Working Adults” will also help you if you've been admitted to graduate school but are finding some things difficult. You will get advice on:

--How to study

--How to navigate new technologies

--How to network

--How to win friends

--How to maintain balance among life, work, and school

--How to be a good parent

--How to be a good spouse

Going back to school after working for a while takes more planning and preparation than you think. This book will walk you through the process.
87 printed pages
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