The Magickal Misadventures of Corwyn Daniels, Alan Lance Andersen
Alan Lance Andersen

The Magickal Misadventures of Corwyn Daniels

The Magickal Misadventures of Corwyn Daniels comprises TWO complete Corwyn Daniels books into one volume.

• Rumpots, Crackpots, and Pooka-Mazed Halfwits chronicles the adventures of Corwyn Daniels, a lad at the lowest-accredited magick school in Britain. Some wizard schools are large, highly-accredited, and well respected. Gallimaufriars Academy in Cumbria barely meets Ministry of Wizardry standards. Find out what happens at a school where the Headmaster and faculty are referred to as “a bunch of rumpots, crackpots, and pooka-mazed halfwits …"

• Dinner with the Archmage is the second Corwyn Daniels book. Discover magickally-gifted youngsters training to become the Wizards of Tomorrow at a school that isn't quite right… The problems young Corwyn faces are rather challenging: Who is Luthuch the Old One? What do you do with a Black Dragon after you’ve captured it? When will Gargantual the Great Goblin of Foxcastle return? How do you shut up Mukudor the Pestheckler?
514 printed pages
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