Erwin Chan

Zac Lee and The Legend of Yamashita's Gold

The elusive legend of General Yamashita’s treasure hoard comes alive in this heart-pounding tale of non-stop adventures. Join Zac Lee and his friends as they go treasure hunting with clues that Zac’s missing father left behind. From dangerous trekking through historical places to escaping gangsters and pirates, there is never a dull moment as the three friends examine war relics and solve puzzles to unearth secrets and shocking discoveries. Based on historical facts and actual locations, this classic story also examines real issues of love, loss, friendship and betrayal. Discover compelling stories behind the quaint, rustic places that have been forgotten amid Singapore’s rapid urbanisation, and relish the roller-coaster ride of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.Erwin Chan has had experience in the journalistic field as a reporter covering various current affairs. Inspired by his first-hand experience of exploring Singapore's heritage and landscape since he was a child, and motivated by an earnest hope to share the beauty of Singapore, he hopes to publish a book that can help to promote the Singaporean pride and identity. Erwin is currently part of a research team in an oil consulting firm, and is dedicated to promoting awareness of Singapore’s heritage and culture
176 printed pages


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