Birch in the Boudoir

The Victorians may have attempted to show the world they were upright, strict and full of virtue but much of this thinking has been subverted by their erotic and pornographic writing. As the title suggests this erotic Victorian novel delves deeply into flagellation as well as a range of sexual acts that undoubtedly shocked but titillated it's original readers early in the 20th century. Its opening suitably sets the scene and provides the reader with a strong indication of what to expect. You will readily believe that the letters you are about to read were never intended for publication. They were lately exchanged between a handsome, lusty young gentleman of some thirty summers and a mischievously pretty beauty who had just completed her nineteenth year. As the letters themselves will show, both these friends are persons of the finest breeding and the most amiable liveliness of mind. These intimate letters record their true amatory and disciplinary experiences at an Arabian harem and an English girls' reformatory establishment
212 printed pages



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