Sallie Latkovich

Mining the Meaning of the Bible

Mining the Meaning of the Bible: Beyond the Literal Word is a simple guide for middle grade students to get to the meaning and message of the scriptures. It answers many questions including:
What is the Bible?
How did the books of the Bible come to be written?
What are some of the more commonly used words and what do they mean?
How do the cultures in which the Bible passages were written compare to now? And why is it important?

Mining the Meaning of the Bible is perfect for pre-teens through confirmation classes. This great resource uses graphical representations to aid in learning in ways that appeal to this age group:

Maps of places mentioned and other key locations of the time period
Tables that list books of the Bible, and symbols of numbers or places found throughout the Bible with their meaning
Catechism references It is a simple approach to understanding the meaning of the scriptures, beneath the literal words and mining the true riches of God's message.
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