Raymond G Dennis

The Banners of Enid

The Banners of Enid is the first novel in the Kingdom Stories series, epic fantasies that stretch over many generations, following a linage of monarchs. The tales are told by the Raconteur, the tavern storyteller, played out in the Kingdom landscape, with a sundry of characters engaging in various quests and adventures.
In this novel, Queen Ramona and King Drake's childhood friendship and the young adult courtship should have predicted a joyful, fruitful marriage. But instead, married life has been barren and beset with discord and quarreling. Despite their struggles, they have preserved their accommodating union for ten years.
But the appearance of dragons in the Kingdom portends a deadly conflict in which the King and Queen will take opposite sides.
Will the royal couple's devotion endure yet another test? Can their bond survive being on opposite sides of a war?
As always, the Nobles' allegiance is with the King; but the commoners must choose between loyalty to the King and their affection for the Queen. How will the choice be made? Each option leads down a path of risk and peril. The King's way only requires acquiescence, the Queen's way, courage.

442 printed pages
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