Ellen Sherman

Just the Facts

• Confirmed: Trinity College will include an article on the book and author in their alumni magazine
• Pitching to online and print media (book blogs, online magazines, publishing media sites, major newspapers, news websites)
• Pitching to author’s local media outlets (print, online, and broadcast)
• Targeting blog tour (pitching 20–40 influential book and genre-specific bloggers’ sites)
• Pitching custom content to online media outlets
• Targeting reviews by Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and other publications geared toward indie authors
• Pitching author’s articles on the makings of this book, issues it examines, and the writing process to magazines and news websites
• Targeting book clubs for author appearances
• Targeting readings/book signings at book stores and libraries (pitching local media surrounding these events)
• Author will post content about book on blog
• Promotion via social media: Facebook, She Writes
215 printed pages
Original publication


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