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Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

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    Pamela Lemushas quoted6 years ago
    The Difference Between an S Type of Business and a
    B Type of Business
    Those who are true B’s can leave their business for a year or more and return to find their business more profitable and running better than when they left it. In a true S type of business, if the S left for a year or more, chances are there would be no business left to return to.
    So what causes the difference? Saying it simply, an S owns a job; a B owns a system and then hires competent people to operate the system. Or put another way, in many cases, the S is the system. That is why they can’t leave.
    Renukahas quoted2 years ago
    The IPO
    An initial public offering (IPO),
    Renukahas quoted2 years ago
    About a month later, we found a piece of land for $115,000 that was even more beautiful. It was 87 acres of tall oak trees with a stream, and it had a house. I offered the seller full price if he would give me my terms, which he did. To make a long story short, we spent a few dollars fixing the house and sold the house and 30 acres for $215,000, using the same idea of “low down payment, easy monthly payments.” We kept 57 acres for ourselves.
    This is what the transaction looked like on my balance sheet:
    Renukahas quoted2 years ago
    Let’s say I find a house worth $100,000 and I get a heck of a deal and only pay $80,000 for it. I pay a $10,000 down payment and get a $70,000 mortgage I’m responsible for.
    I then advertise that the house is available for sale for its appraised price of $100,000. I use these magic words in the ad: “House for sale. Owner desperate. No bank qualifying. Low down payment. Easy monthly payments.”
    The phone rings like crazy. The house is sold on what is called a “wrap” or a lease-purchase contract. In simple terms, I sell the
    Renukahas quoted2 years ago
    The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner. For people who want to operate on the B and I side, his book is a must-read, fo
    Renukahas quoted2 years ago
    Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder. Although it was
    chaymaeelghjhas quoted3 years ago
    The path is the goal
    chaymaeelghjhas quoted3 years ago
    finding your path in life is your goal in life
    Ventsislav Kovatchevhas quoted3 years ago
    New Age Begins
    David Xiaohas quoted3 years ago
    bet the ranch
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