A World Without “Whom”, Emmy J. Favilla
Emmy J. Favilla

A World Without “Whom”

576 printed pages
Eats, Shoots & Leaves for the internet age

As language evolves faster than ever before, what is the future of 'correct' writing? When Emmy Favilla was tasked with creating a styleguide for BuzzFeed, she opted for spelling, grammar and punctuation guidelines that would reflect how readers actually use language IRL.
With wry humour and an uncanny intuition for the possibilities of internet-age expression, Favilla makes a case for breaking the stuffy rules that have hitherto defined our relationship with language. Featuring priceless emoji strings, sidebars, quizzes and style debates among the most lovable word nerds of the digital media world – of which Favilla is the go-to style guru – A World Without «Whom†? is essential for readers and writers of posts, tweets, texts, emails and whatever comes next.
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Sara Butler
Sara Butlerhas quoted2 months ago
Instagramming the progression of my cactus’s new arms.
Kirill Emelyanov
Kirill Emelyanovhas quoted2 months ago
t I’m not sure I’m willing to put in. I’d rather focus my energy on the important stuff, like rescuing street cats or Instagramming the progression of my cactus’s new arms. (It’s grown five of them in less than a year, okay?)

I landed my first real job as a copy editor after a string of editorial internships where my hodgepodge of duties included everything from setting up fashion shoots for indie bands to reviewing books on customer relationship management to visiting showrooms full of lacy decorative pillows. I enrolled in the lone copyediting class that NYU offered during my senior year as an undergraduate journalism student. It was on Friday mornings at 8:30, and Thursday night karaoke at the local bar usually went strong until at least 2 A.M., so I was asleep/hungover
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