Hillary Oliver

The Legend of Lilith

In a land where beasts roam the plains and the valleys, and vile monsters sprout wings to scale the highest city walls, the five Gods of Elysium have created a race called the Divine; human vessels for Their elements. These individuals are endowed with greater power to fight the evils of the terrestrial realm.
When Lilith Oak is Anointed Divine by Constantine, God of Aether, she is thrust into a whole new world of dark magic, vicious warfare, and vengeance. Somehow she must learn how to control the abyss that is Aether, whilst overcoming grief in order to unite with her new family in Divination.
Rhéa DaSylvà, a young Enchantress of the Obsydían Marsh, abandons the Ilíos coven to pursue a comfortable life at the side of her beloved. Her plans are disrupted when she is presented with an impossible task: to serve a covetous man or lose her only love.
The Era of Shadows has blanketed Augusta for over a century, and now these two women are expected to end the Great Divine’s one-hundred-year campaign against the Empire. On separate sides of Augusta, Lilith and Rhéa are forced to choose between the good of the Empire and their only living kin.
431 printed pages
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