Costume Shop, Bobby Legend
Bobby Legend

Costume Shop

Costume Shop Watch your step when you enter this costume shop. You are stepping into the realm of science fiction. You may not like or understand what you see. Detective Zoolu has his work cut out for him when his partner disappears and was last known to have visited some out of the way costume shop. But does this costume shop even exist? That's the predicament that Detective Zoolu must confront. Other detectives were unable to find this mysterious costume shop…because there were no commercial road maps that showed the area in question. However, eyewitnesses, many of whom ended up in the mental institution, gave them the description of it and they still couldn't find it. But Zoolu did find the shop, and the weird town that surrounded it. But where was Zoolu's partner? Did the hunchbacked, old man that ran this mysterious costume shop have something to do with his disappearance? Did the old man kill him and then bury him in the barren desert that surrounded this mysterious costume shop that supposedly, didn't exist? Step inside this mysterious costume shop and try on your costume. That is, if you can find the place. Will you be one of the lucky ones to visit this shop…or one of the unlucky ones, when you visit this realm of science fiction?
233 printed pages
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