Melaine Williamson

How to Write the Perfect Federal Job Resume & Resume Cover Letter

According to, the format and method of applying for a federal job with an official résumé has changed more than a dozen times in the last 20 years alone. The constant alterations, multiple form options, and sheer importance of getting the application process just right when applying for a federal position can be a horribly tense situation for any freshly anointed job seeker. Understanding how to write the ideal résumé and cover letter when considering a federal opening can be the difference between you and the hundreds or even thousands of additional applicants applying for the same position.This book was written for every new job seeker who is striving to land a federal job but does not yet have the necessary tools or knowledge needed to put together the perfect résumé and cover letter. In this book, you will learn the the difference between the major forms, including the 612 and 171 and how they are used for different job types, including everything from aviator and warrant officer to teacher, police officer, and office manager. Former members of the military are given specific details on how they can complete these highly important forms as well. You will learn how you can write a résumé that will effectively catch the attention of a federal hiring manager, whether it be in a military position or an office administration role. If you are considering or are being considered for a job in the federal government, you owe it to yourself to read this book and learn more about how you can effectively write and submit your resume and cover letter today.
341 printed pages


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