Daisy Rose

The Humiliation Training of S

This sizzling book bundle starts with an innocent young woman who falls into the clutches of dominating alpha males who don't hesitate in making her submit, no matter the circumstances. She is taken and filled in an airplane, an office, a bar, an elevator, and many other all-too-public places.

She is blindfolded, tied up, humiliated, and dominated, her life turned upside down as she is filled with unadulterated pleasures…and pain.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I have never been the type of girl who sparked up at the thought of an erotic adventure, something out of the ordinary. I was as vanilla as they came. Key word: was.

The thought of having sex with two men never appealed to me before. Or being tied up. Or blindfolded. Or humiliated in public.

And yet I had done all that in the span of a single evening with an absolute stranger taking charge, dominating my every move. Victor had mistaken me for a woman he was planning to indoctrinate into the mile high club during my flight and scared the living hell out of me when he walked into the toilet stall and started groping me.

I could claim that it was the shock that preventing me from fighting him off, but the truth was, I loved every minute of it. I loved how he took charge, muffling my cries with a hand on my lips as his fingers touched me.

It was the same trembling desire that prompted me to agree to the dinner date. I couldn't stop my body from tingling after he had introduced me to the delights of sex.

I wanted more.

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