Louise Fennell

Dead Rich

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The Spenders are Britain’s favorite family to watch: they are everything that captures the eye--glamorous, rich, very, very famous, and everything that that our celebrity obsessed culture wants them to be. For this reason they are constantly hounded by the press because the public wants more more more. The live what appears to be by all outward appearances, a charmed life.
But deep within the confines of their exquisite houses a darker reality exists. Isolated and hemmed in by crazed fans, the Spenders are trapped by the makings of their own fame. More, they are constantly surrounded by an army of long-suffering employees, and yet--the Spenders are never alone but they remain lonely. With nothing else to do but drink, fight, and screw, they dine on prescription drugs, lunch on vodka, and dine on anything illegal they can find.
This works for a time until it doesn’t when the Spender’s privileged life-style comes crashing down: tragedy strikes--the famous pop singer of the family, Georgia Cole, is found dead in her luxury home in Chelsea, leaving behind the singer’s two young daughters. Georgia has always been the wild rock ’n roll child of the family and now, her author brother Jake and his wife Zelda, one of the world’s most celebrated actresses, desperately try to avert media attention surrounding Georgia’s unexpected death. Jake and Zelda are also trying to care for Georgia’s two children, Dusty and Willow. The sudden arrival of Dusty’s father, Elliot, stirs things up even further. Meanwhile, the identity of Willow’s father remains a mystery. These events steadily tear apart the fragile fabric of the family’s existence as their life spins dramatically out of control.
Dead Rich became a bestseller in the UK after 17 rejections. A true self-publishing success story!
“Best book I’ve read in years!”
--Hugh Grant
“I loved this book!”
--Elizabeth Hurley

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