Linda Versus God

The ambition of Linda Ellis is breathtaking: she desires to overthrow God, to replace him with the worship of Mankind and Nature. The difficulty for a crusading atheist in persuading others to her views, even those who insist on referring to themselves as ‘disciples’, is that she is wanting to overthrow a deity which in her philosophy cannot exist. And it is not only the Christian God, the God of her father and mother, she is opposed to; it is all religion, all faith. It is inevitable that God or his representatives on Earth will eventually get round to some form of retribution.

Linda Ellis is a beautiful woman with beautiful aims; peace and harmony through atheism. She is not though a worker of miracles, as one of her followers insists on claiming, and because she is beautiful with a penchant for destabilising her opponents by exposing large areas of her beautiful body, she must also attract a pervert who is far more interested in her breasts than her philosophy. Good, honest, decent people also rally to her cause, thinking her ambition to be an evolution of faith, much in the way Jesus went about his ministry. There is even a suggestion she might be the second-coming, God thinking a daughter to be more PC in the age of sexual equality.

Is she heretical or divine? Or has the world gone mad?
304 printed pages


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