Abhishek Datta

Influence Negotiate Win

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Never run the risk of lost business revenues, bad deals, failed relationships or forgone salary hikes.
Selling to clients. Asking for a raise. Building a new relationship. Saying No to someone. Navigating tight spots. Putting across a contradicting viewpoint to a majority. Apologizing to angry customers. Bargaining for the best price. Dealing with gatekeepers. Getting your kids to sleep. Deciding on the holiday destination with your spouse. Negotiation is everywhere. At home or office. You cannot avoid negotiation. Wherever there are people involved, negotiations are bound to happen.
From the Master Negotiator comes this brilliant repertoire of fine-tuned techniques that can give you results in minutes. Negotiation techniques are like electric saw blades. If you know how to use it, you do not need force. You need to gently guide it to the right place and the blade will do the trick by itself. If you don't, you end up with serious damages. This super sharp practical book on negotiation shares the secret techniques used by seasoned negotiators that are quick to implement and easy to use. Together with step-by-step processes, the book covers 100+ cases of real life examples over a gamut of professional and business scenarios giving laser-focused insights into what works and what doesn't.
Influence Negotiate Win is the only negotiation book that you will ever need when negotiating for success. From Sales Negotiation and Business Communication to Interpersonal Conflict Resolution and Salary Negotiation, this intense negotiation book gives you a plethora of weapons to super-charge your negotiation skills and become a negotiation genius.
This negotiation book is for individuals who want to know how to:
1. Make Negotiations work for them
2. Identify key areas where negotiations will lead to superb results
3. Create outstanding winning opportunities out of difficult situations.
4. Prepare mentally beforehand to avoid the dangerous pitfalls in negotiations
5. Get others to vomit information which will help win the negotiation
6. Sense the undercurrent of emotions and how to use them to advantage.
7. Win negotiations without even speaking a word.
8. Twist time in their favor to win big-league deals never imagined.
9. Influence people to give you what you want
10. Overcome tough objections by others and drive home their points
11. Drive massive business revenue and get staggering increments in their jobs
Complete with Practical Cases and Real Life Examples, this book details step by step techniques that work under any circumstance, even when the other person is uncooperative, emotional or unethical. You will know exactly what, why and how to negotiate in every situation in your personal and professional life.
Build your negotiation skills with this amazing super book and start negotiating the impossible.
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