Miriam Eatchel


IN EARLY 2007, was a thriving
discontinued china business with two
stores, a huge internet presence, and well
over two hundred thousand loyal customers.
By January 2009, the company was on the
brink of failure. Discontinued: What I Lost and Found During the Recession is the timely and dramatic story of the last six months in the
life of
The story chronicles the ups and downs
of attempting to save the business and of the
author’s relationship with her two partners—
one a prominent appraiser on Antiques Roadshow, the other a renowned
eye surgeon, both her close friends for almost two decades. The book
reveals shocking betrayal and profound loyalty, exposing human nature
at its best and worst—and answers pressing questions you surely have
like Does bone china really have bones in it? and What did Martha Stewart do when the author suggested on national
TV that an antique chamber pot could be used for a popcorn bowl?
194 printed pages
Original publication


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