Roselle Stone

Best Friends Share Everything Part 3

When Zach’s wife, Jen, gets a promotion at work, they invite their best friends, Paige and Rob, out for a celebratory supper. As the night progresses, some harmless flirting in the restaurant develops into a swinging good time.

Excerpt: I got parked just in time to turn and see my wife remove Paige’s bra and suck a nipple into her mouth. It brought back memories of the times I had sucked on Paige’s tits. Watching my wife pleasure another woman was a turn-on, and I was instantly hard. I was amazed at how easily several strawberry daiquiris could have Jen doing something she swore she would never do—be with another woman. Rob and I watched hungrily as our wives continued their make-out session.
19 printed pages
Original publication


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