The Adventures of Roger and Penelope, Ginger Blackburn
Ginger Blackburn

The Adventures of Roger and Penelope

Can you imagine a gawky, gangly flamingo and a friendly green alligator from a small town trying to break into show business in New York City? In the furiously fun The Adventures of Roger and Penelope, readers will follow the cheerful and helpful alligator, Roger, and the silly flamingo, Penelope, as they experience the big city. Join the unlikely pair as they take a crazy bus ride, attempt a daring rescue, perform at a dance studio, and have a brush with fame. At the end of their journey, Roger and Penelope reflect on their colorful trip and think of the lessons learned. What will this alligator and flamingo take away from the all the adventures they shared? Will they be content at home, or will another adventure loom for the pair?
57 printed pages


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