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I asked “Why am I here?”
The Universe replied “Happiness.”
I said “What happiness?”
The Universe replied “Your happiness and the happiness of others.”

So I searched for the means to achieve happiness for myself and others.
I found that I already had ways of making myself happy, two of which were particularly effective, but few that made others happy.
This then became my main focus and I finally found it while researching for this book.

Here, for the first time in one place, are the Three Keys to Happiness.
You can find the second and third Keys elsewhere but not the first one.
I developed this method of eliminating worry over thirty years ago and have come across nothing like it since.
They are easy to use and with a little persistence will quickly become habit.
A Happiness Habit.

The term “Life changing” is used far too often in my view and has lost much of its impact as a result. However I truly believe that using the Three Keys to Happiness will change your life, and the lives of those around you, for the better.

Also contained in this book are all the great things and great people that I found during my search for health, wealth and happiness.

A Book For Life.
44 printed pages
Original publication


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