DC Geiser

Hard Reign

Writer-musician Damian Stone is laid out on his bathroom floor with nothing left but haunting memories and a sad melody as his life flickers to fade. Battling the boundaries of mortality, he struggles to keep his promise to his son. Confronted with the will to live, die, or awaken from his own catatonic sleep, Damian bounces between the harsh realities of a fading life and a twisted journey inside his mind where all hope is lost. Travel with Damian through triumphs and tribulations as the clock ticks to what could be his final hour. As lightning strikes, a thunderous revelation illuminates the darkness, casting shadows that come to collect in this Hard Reign.

DC Geiser is a North East native whose original aspirations of getaway driving fueled most of his childhood. Considering the dangerous nature of that profession and not factoring any happy endings, he turned to the Arts. A well-traveled musician by twenty-three helped fuel the stories for his writing. Geiser's spoken-word and poetry have been heard throughout the country. His greatest accomplishment he would say, hands down, would be his son, Jacob, who shares his father's crooked smile and love for a well spun story. They currently reside in West Deptford, New Jersey.
159 printed pages
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