Matthieu Jason

Lesbian Stories – Addiction

I'm out again in another sleazy redneck bar, what fun; sarcasm even in my mind, it figures. Well, what else; I'm a sex addict, tried treatment, was told it was a compulsive problem, there is no cure and the only way to control it is better will power. Yes, tell someone who has a compulsive problem to control their compulsion, sure, and maybe some one stranded in the desert can control the their thirst for water, idiots! So, here I am prowling, hopefully I'll find something to whet my appetite. I know I don't look too bad for 32, 5'5", 120 lbs., firm C-cup chest, and green eyes and shoulder length wavy blonde hair. I'm wearing a blue-jean mini skirt and a snug black T-shirt.

I scan the crowd; three beer bellied truck driver types by the lone pool table, nope. Next, I see four blow dried wanna-be-party-girls in a booth trying to get the truckers to pay for another round, nope definitely straight. Yes, I like women too, no need to discriminate, man or woman; sex is sex to me…
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