My Book of Bible Poems, Sandra Reynolds
Sandra Reynolds

My Book of Bible Poems

My book was written with love, each poem has a reason, and each reason for me is personal. Poetry becomes very private almost like reading someone's diary, an open book that looks into the poet's heart. No other way to write, because each person goes away with his own interpretation. Whereas, The Bible has only one way to interpret it. My book are my feelings not my interpretation of God's word. I'll leave any and all interpretation alone. Sometimes poetry turns people off, maybe like me, you were forced to read it in school. I was not a lover of Shakespeare, but I've grown to appreciate all kinds of literature. I have my favorite poets Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda, and Khalil Gibran. I enjoy reading and imitating their style of writing. I keep trying to find the words to my masterpiece… the sonnet that personifies love. My illusive butterfly that flies from flower to flower, its an illusion, but keeps my mind active.
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