Kathleen H Bulger

Feeding Your Optimal Being

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We all have things we see as barriers to overcome, but after time reflection and by working through the situation we can usually find the gift in it all. I am here to help you unwrap your lessons, reveal some of your gifts and learn to love the journey of becoming the Optimal Being that you are here to be.  All the aspects that contribute to your health can’t be separated. You have to think of working towards optimal being as improving your lightness of being,or brightness, and ask yourself, “What feels amazing to me in my body? What are the risks and vulnerabilities I have to face?”
Make the commitment to really take the time and steps toward loving yourself. Embrace developing your optimal being, your physical health through food and movement, your mental health though awareness and creativity by being with meditation and colour all to stimulate the body mind and soul.
Everyone has to eat. You must eat to survive but, more importantly, you should eat to thrive and
become your optimal self. You deserve it. No, I mean it, you really deserve it; in fact, you owe it to yourself.
All food contains energy, and you convert that energy in your body and use it to complete your daily tasks. Optimal Being is about the right balance of real food for every organ in our body.
There is no one perfect fitness program for everyone because we are all unique in our skill, physical abilities and genetics. This is all about lifestyle changes, raising your awareness, eating the right
balance of real food, and keeping in motion. The key to wellness is movement. Movement
stimulates many of our bodily systems to function properly. Your heart needs movement to encourage
positive circulation. Your lymphatics need movement because it is what helps your lymphatic fluid move,
as it has no independent pump. Your lungs depend on movement for the expansion and contraction
exercise to keep oxygen freely flowing though your entire body. Your muscles need exercise to stimulate
their growth and sustainability to keep you functioning.Movement is important, actually critical,
to your survival.
Essence Art is an artistic means of expression. It allows people to visit a part of themselves they either have
never seem before or will see in a new way. An artistic medium can remove an artist from the
rational common world and place them in a space that allows them to experience a new concept. These
concepts can pull us deeper and deeper into a place that allows us to connect with our truest reality of
that moment in time.
Exploring all aspects of your personal wellness will allow you to Energize your Body, Engage Your Brain and Explore your creativity as become your Optimal Being.

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