Charles Erlandson

Love Me, Love My Wife

Have you ever thought that you can know and love God just as well without the church? Have you ever left a church because you felt it was filled with a bunch of hypocrites?
Good! Then this little book is for you.
In Love Me, Love My Wife, Rev. Charles Erlandson explains what God says in the Bible about what the church is and why he commands every Christian to be a part of the local church. (Hint: it's about much, much more than just “going” to church!) In easily understood language, Rev. Erlandson explains the amazing truth about what God thinks of the church and what he has to say about Christians being members of local churches.
Whether you have stopped going to church or know someone who has, Love Me, Love My Wife will give you the encouragement and confidence to know why God wants all Christians to be members of a local church.
51 printed pages
Original publication



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