How to be an Overcomer, Lee Buddy
Lee Buddy

How to be an Overcomer

This book is an account of the author’s personal experiences in developing a relationship with the Lord. For several years, he made Bible reading and prayer a priority and found the freedom and peace that he needed in his life. How to be an Overcomer is his story of what the Lord has done in his life and what he can do for anyone who is seeking to find power over evil habits and the temptations that are so prevalent in this world.

You will find his story embedded in the Biblical account of an ancient king, Jehoshaphat, who was delivered from the neighboring kings that confronted him many years ago. In the Biblical record of 2 Chronicles, Jehoshaphat was threatened with destruction from three armies that attacked his kingdom and were intent on destroying him. What he used to overcome them are the strategies that are spelled out in this newly released book by Lee Buddy. Some of the topics include waiting on the Lord, giving your fears to God, seeking him, prayer, fasting, praising him, attending his house of worship, listening to him and witnessing for him.

These topics are interspersed with stories from his personal experiences and keep the reader captivated by the way the Lord not only delivered king Jehoshaphat but the author from the spiritual obstacles that the evil one constantly puts in the path of everyone, Christian and non Christian. This readable, interesting, practical account is one that will hold the reader’s attention and challenge him to reflect on his life and determine if there are life decisions that he is willing to permit God to make to transform him.
234 printed pages


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