Gwenieth M.A. Kelly

The Art of Living Together Successfully

Are you toying with the idea of moving in with someone or letting someone move in with you? Have you considered all aspects of this life-altering commitment? If your answer is no, then you need to read The Art of Living Together Successfully first.

You don't want to get caught asking yourself questions like “What was I thinking?” "How on earth did I get myself in this mess?” Or make the statement “If only I knew then what I know now.”

We often jump into situations without weighing all of our options or the implications to our future. The Art of Living Together Successfully is thought-provoking. It outlines the various obstacles that people can encounter when living together in a shared environment. The information is based on real-life scenarios and does not matter what generation or lifestyle you happen to fall in.

The Art of Living Together Successfully offers real-life scenarios and poses questions you need to ask yourself and the person(s) you are planning to live with. It acknowledges that we are all human, with egos and emotions, and prone to making mistakes as we travel through life. It is hard to do everything logically, but if you come up for air, even for a fleeting moment, you can capture the well-thought-out decision-making ideas this book offers.  If you practice only a handful, you will help make your cohabiting life less dramatic. In the end, both you and the person or persons with whom you reside will be grateful you did!

The Art of Living Together Successfully delivers genuine benefits that could reduce stress, save you money, save your friendships and produce positive results.

You must remember, when you are meeting someone or beginning to plan a life of cohabiting, everyone comes with a past, present and future. Ask the interesting and thought-provoking questions that will give you more insight into the person's psyche. Hope for the best possible outcome but be smart in your planning. Don't rush anything. If this person is the real deal, they will want to protect themselves, as well. If your relationship ends up being the match made in heaven, perfect. Throw your love out there and, with the right person, it will stick…like spaghetti to a wall.

The Art of Living Together Successfully is a fun read, but it packs a lot of real-life knowledge, sprinkled with humor. It will challenge you and encourage debate. You will learn some things about yourself and your mate. Depending on your age, not everything will apply to you. A twenty-something person may not have an interest in writing a will or deciding what they'll do about aging parents needing assistance, but someday they will.

Living together is like baking a cake. If you don't use the right ingredients with the correct measurements and correct heat, it turns out to be a floppy globby mess.

People say love can conquer all, but I believe love is at the top of a wildly amassed set of words that all need to knit together to form a deeper sense of what makes up true love. Some, but certainly not all those words, are honesty, communication, admiration, integrity, commitment, respect, selflessness, openness to love and being loved, caring, self-love and so forth. If you are missing or have no interest in some of these words with your partner or yourself, then your love for each other will slowly disintegrate.

Life won't always hand you roses; it will only throw you manure to help you grow them. Use this book as just one more shovelful of manure to help you blossom and flourish.

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