Catherine Mie Ishida


Meditation is for everybody, and loving-kindness meditation is a self-guided practice that is simple, safe and accessible to anybody. Practice loving-kindness, and there will be more loving-kindness to go around for all beings, no exceptions, including you.

Maybe you just want to feel less stressed and more resilient. Maybe you just want to be a kinder, more loving you, more of the time. Maybe you have a deep yearning for a world that is more humane, where every single being is treated with love and kindness. Maybe you wonder whether free-will is real. Maybe you just want to remember joy.

Loving-Kindness: A Tiny Book on Meditation for All Beginners offers guidance for all beginners to begin a loving-kindness meditation practice now. The book addresses basic questions: What is meditation? What is loving-kindness and loving-kindness practice? How, why, when, how long, how often, and where does one practice? What if I can't find time? With a spirit of ease and inclusivity, the book offers ways to find answers that are right for each practitioner.

59 printed pages
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