Trina Petersen


Irresistible helps women focus their energy and experience true love. Women know what they want: love, peace, and joy. The challenge is, no one has figured out how to get it. With today’s technology, information, and communication, it seems that finding true love would be easy, as easy as walking into a jewelry store and choosing a diamond. Unfortunately, most women’s search for love feels more like digging in a coal mine: dark, messy, and frustrating. The wrong relationship seems to find and attach itself time after time, leaving the heart empty and soul angry. In Irresistible, life coach and pastor Trina Petersen uses wisdom gained from personal experience and guiding others through the Four Cs of Love to lay out a workable and proven plan that works, if women work it. Discover how you can experience a relationship that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations—and find true love!
158 printed pages
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